Parking à vélos intérieur commercial

Parking intérieur pour vélos

With more people around the world cycling to work, end-of-trip (EOT) indoor bike parking has never been more important in a commercial space. Here at Steadyrack, we provide Revit files and design guidelines so you can begin planning your commercial indoor bike parking facilities in your office straight away! Over the years, our team has worked on a wide range of large indoor bike parking projects across a variety of industries around the globe. From equipping the Woodside Tower in Perth, WA with over 600 Steadyracks, 570 Steadyracks installed at ONE The Esplanade in Perth, WA for Chevron, to installing 400 racks in Scott Sports headquarters in Switzerland, amongst many others, there’s no commercial indoor bike rack solution we can’t provide.

Parking à vélos intérieur pour les immeubles de bureaux

Installing EOT indoor bike parking facilities at your office is an excellent way to encourage more employees to take up cycling and ensure those who already commute on their bikes have a safe place to store them during the day. With Steadyrack’s indoor bike parking, you can ensure employee’s bikes are safe from theft and the elements outside. Help your employees store it easily with Steadyrack so they start the day on the right foot.

Parking intérieur commercial pour les magasins de vélos

What do you need when you’re selling bikes? Excellent bike storage, of course! Keep your stock safe and protected with our commercial indoor bike racks. Used by the likes of Trek, Giant, Scott Sports and Specialized to store their bikes in-store, you’re in trusted hands with Steadyrack’s indoor bike parking solutions. Our Revit files and design guidelines are easily found on our website, or simply reach out to discuss your commercial indoor bike parking needs today.

Nos projets de stationnement intérieur pour vélos

Showroom | Melbourne, Australia

RideWrap is a rider-owned and operated business that has engineered a unique, cutting-edge solution for bike protection. Their new Australian store is kitted out with Steadyrack bike racks to display bikes in the showroom and provide bike parking for bikes in the workshop.

Showroom | Alice Springs, Australia
Red Centre Adventures

Red Centre Adventures is located in Australia's Northern Territory, offering guided tours, bike hire, and sales of bikes and bike products. The showroom showcases their diverse fleet of cycles using Steadyrack bike racks.

Installation de stationnement | Perth, Australie

Situated at ONE The Esplanade, Chevron's Australian HQ is a brand new, world class building that features Steadyrack bike racks in not one, but two End of Trip (EOT) facilities.

Installation de stationnement | Perth, Australie
Warrington Property Group

Des installations de stationnement « quatre étoiles » ont été créées dans ce bâtiment à plusieurs étages du centre d’affaires de Perth dans le cadre d'une rénovation majeure. Elles comprennent un parking à vélos Steadyrack, des casiers et des vestiaires, ainsi qu'une station de réparation de vélos.

Installation de fin de voyage (EOT) | Frasers Tower, Singapour

Frasers Tower est un immeuble de bureaux exclusif de 38 étages, de catégorie A, situé dans le quartier central des affaires de Singapour. Vous y trouverez une installation de stationnement conçue sur mesure, comprenant 117 supports à vélos Steadyrack, des casiers et des vestiaires.

Salle d'exposition | Queensland, Australie
AQ Bike

AQBIKE est un service de mécanique qui s'engage à fournir un travail de qualité, à connaître les produits et qui fait preuve d’amour et de passion pour tout ce qui a trait au cyclisme. Ils ont intégré l'utilisation du parking à vélos Steadyrack pour le merchandising, la vente et l'exposition de leurs vélos.

Installation de fin de voyage | Perth, Australie
Place Brookfield

Pour ce bâtiment, la priorité absolue était de disposer d’une installation de pointe de fin de trajet comprenant un parking à vélos qui puisse accueillir plus de 300 vélos.

Installation de fin de voyage | Perth, Australie
Place Raine

D'importantes installations de stationnement à vélos, comprenant des supports à vélos Steadyrack, des casiers et des vestiaires.

Installation de fin de voyage | Perth, Australie
Central Park

Pour ceux qui préfèrent se rendre au travail à vélo, Central Park offre à ses locataires une installation complète de transport et de stationnement qui vous permettra d'arriver au travail frais et dispos pour attaquer la journée.

Les installations comprennent un parking à vélos pouvant accueillir plus de 240 vélos.

Fleet Bike Storage | Perth, Australia
Perth Police Station

WA Police have utilised Steadyrack bike racks at Perth Police Station to securely store and organise their fleet bicycles.

Please note: We can customise colours to suit your building fit out. Minimum order quantities apply. Contact us to enquire.

Every end of trip indoor bike parking project is unique so we have created a suite of design guidelines, floor plans, elevations and perspectives which will help you to plan the most efficient use of the space and optimise the parking in each of your projects. Alternatively get in contact with us to discuss your commercial project.

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